MICHELE GENTILE ITALIAN AUSTRALIAN ARTIST From the earliest youth follows two passions: Music and Visual Arts. Music critic in Italy at the dawn of private radio stations in the 1970s, he collaborated with various Neapolitan radio stations, among which he loves to remember RADIO RADICALE and its mythical seat at the Camandoli where he led music programs, we worked with an old makeshift transmitter and often the transmission was interrupted due to the raid and the eviction of the police. In '77 he left the Liceo last year and flew to London to experience the music scene of those years up close, working as a chef at Scott's Restaurant. Back in Italy he lived turbulent years with abuse of hard drugs and excesses of all kinds. but the love for figurative art and music is always there. In the mid 80s in Naples he attended the underground restaurant "Riot" in the period of maximum splendor and cult for the club of Palazzo Marigliano in the heart of Spaccanapoli collaborating in the organization of concerts and happenings of various kinds is then president of the cultural association " Napoli Project "which manages the cultural activities, among others in 1986 proposes an interesting ante-litteram multimedia festival between music, comics, cinema and cultural fashions, 'VAMPIRISMUS', dedicated to Vampires. Towards the end of the 1980s, the encounter with the artist Maria Luisa Santella is fulminant, Maria Luisa leaves a very early career in Italy in cinema, theater and television greeting everyone at the Maurizio Costanzo Show and they decide to fly to Australia where they both get honorary citizenship for artistic merits. The impact with the colors of the Australian desert that blooms becomes a source of great inspiration and is immediately recognized in Australia as a pioneer artist of the mid-west. It is there that he makes his first major exhibitions between Fremantle, Perth and Geraldton's State Gallery. He paints instinctively and personally in all techniques and mixed media and on all media, searching for new solutions tirelessly without ever stopping to lie down on the acquired modules! His passion for music and vinyl records, of which he is a tireless collector and fine connoisseur, inspires him with an original creation 'The Poppy Disk', painted on vinyl records ranging from the seven deadly sins to the spring of new world, premiered at the Perth Visual Arts Expo back in 1992 and later in Naples in original exhibitions held in record stores, pubs, and alternative nightclubs. He directs the visual arts sector of Dream's Theory, an Italian-Australian multimedia art center. As a video-maker since 1989 he has made numerous works of video art and for the world of music. In collaboration with Maria Luisa Santella produces a multitude of video works where she is also an actor. He has made various works for the world of music, record covers, books, magazines, catalogs etc. In addition, of course, to Poppy Disks dedicated to cult rock artists. His works are present in several prestigious private and public collections. Almost complete list in preparation. He doesn't like to talk much about himself. Of which he writes: One day I was born and still I am!